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    1. Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

    Unlike most dealership plans that require you use the issuing dealer for repair work; Keystone offers plans that allow you to choose any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada when your vehicle has a breakdown. Simply present your contract number and the toll free number for claims to your service adviser and instruct them to call in the claim for approval prior to performing repairs. Covered claims are paid directly to your repair shop upon completion of your repairs.

    2. What if my repair facility will not accept your plan?​

    The plans Keystone offers are accepted by independent and franchise repair facilities nationwide. All of the plans will offer to pay the repair facility for authorized repairs by credit card upon completion of the work in the same manner that you would be pay the repair facility. Keystone’s providers will work with any licensed repair facility to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

    3. How do I know which program is best for my vehicle?

    Keystone's representatives have spent countless hours researching hundreds of vehicle service contract providers. This allows us to pick and choose only the top rated companies that provide the very best in claims administration and customer service. Our representatives are trained to inform and put the customer first, not to say anything to make a sale and you can be sure that all details of the contract including the provider and insurer will be disclosed along with any other important details before you purchase.

    4. Who insures your service contracts?​

    Keystone has many programs that backed by “A” rated AM Best insurers. The insurer is one of the most important aspects of any coverage, and Keystone representatives will always make sure that you are informed of which company is standing behind your plan.

    5. Can I see a copy of the contract I’m thinking about purchasing?

    Absolutely, We would be glad to email or fax you a copy of the service contract we are offering on your vehicle for your review. Plus our representatives are the most knowledgeable in the industry and would love to answer any question about any line of the contract you may have. You can reach us toll free at 877-940-9786.

    6. What happens if I sell or trade my vehicle after I buy your service contract?

    A great feature of our plans is that you are never locked into the contract. All of our vehicle service contracts are fully transferrable or pro-rated refundable in the event you decide to sell or trade your vehicle. Simply call our customer service department and one of our helpful representatives will walk you through your options.

    7. Do you offer payment plans?

    A key advantage to purchasing our coverage is that we don’t require payment in full we allow you to start with a small down payment and offer no fee payment plans that everyone qualifies for, no credit check required!

    8. What’s the difference between an extended warranty and a vehicle service contract?

    There seems to be a lot of confusion for consumers about this. Simply put a warranty can only be issued by the original manufacturer who built the vehicle. Most new vehicles come standard with a 36 month or 36,000 mile factory warranty which covers just about every part on the vehicle; some manufacturers also issue powertrain warranties on just the major components such as the engine and transmission. Once the original warranty expires often times vehicle owners are forced to choose between worrying about unexpected repairs or just trading in and buying a new vehicle which costs thousands of dollars. That’s where vehicle service contracts come in. Since most manufacturers are unwilling to cover a vehicle once the factory warranty has expired several aftermarket vehicle service contract companies have emerged to fill that void.

    Vehicle service contracts are similar to the vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty but are offered by a third party.

    Keystone offers programs which can be far more affordable and offer more coverage than any other programs including those offered by some manufacturers. The programs we offer also often include additional benefits like roadside assistance, towing, rental car and trip interruption. Since our coverage is not from a manufacturer though it is not a warranty it is a vehicle service contract.

    9. Do you cover parts and labor?

    Yes. All of the plans that Keystone offers cover parts and Labor charges, and may offer numerous other benefits like coverage for towing, rental vehicle and trip interruption. We even have options that will allow for the approval of any posted labor rate at any licensed repair facility you select. The amount of parts, labor and other benefits that are covered is up to you. Our Keystone representative is trained to work with you to select the coverage that is the best option for your vehicle, for your driving habits and for your budget. Our goal is to get you the most affordable, highest quality coverage possible.

    10. What additional benefits come with the vehicle service contract?

    All of the plans that Keystone offers include numerous other benefits. You’re not just getting protection from repair bills, you’re getting total peace of mind for your driving experience. Every contract comes standard with 24 hour roadside assistance. Anywhere in the country, if you run out of gas, have a flat tire, need a jump start or lock the keys in your vehicle simply call toll-free any time day or night 365 days a year. Some of the plans Keystone offers include reimbursement or payment for towing expenses and rental car expenses associated with a covered repair. We also have plans that will provide coverage for hotel and meal expenses if your breakdown occurs away from home. Our Keystone representative will make sure that you are aware of all the benefits that are available to you. Call us for details!

    11. Are there limitations on how many times you can use the plan?

    No, all programs that Keystone offer allow unlimited usage. No matter how many times your vehicle breaks down you can file the claim. The programs Keystone can offer will generally cover up to $15,000.00 dollars in covered repairs or the national auto dealers associations estimated value of your vehicle, whichever is greater. Your representative will make you aware of your exact limit of liability upon request.

    12. Do you cover salvage titles or vehicles which have been rebuilt?

    No, vehicles with salvage titles or rebuilt titles are not eligible for any type of vehicle service contract we offer. These vehicles never seem to run the same after being salvaged or rebuilt and are much more prone to breaking down, which makes them too high of a risk to accept into any of our programs.

    13. Do you cover vehicles with aftermarket modifications?

    No, aftermarket modifications can really increase the likelihood of your vehicle breaking down. For this reason we are unable to cover vehicles with any aftermarket modifications such as but not limited to: oversized tires, headers, altered ignition system, altered engine management systems, free flow exhaust system, aftermarket sunroofs, alarm systems, snow plows or lift kits, regardless if vehicle was purchased with such.

    14. Does the coverage have a waiting period or can I use it right away?

    All plans the Keystone can offer come standard with a waiting period. Most plans are just a 30 day and 1,000 mile waiting period before you will be able to get claims paid under the service contract. You have to meet both requirement the time and miles.

    15. My car is broken now, can I purchase coverage still?

    If you have a major breakdown such as an engine or transmission we cannot offer coverage until you have your vehicle repaired and then fax or email an inspection report signed by the mechanic. This proves your vehicle has been repaired and is now in good running condition.

    You may still be able to purchase coverage. However it’s very important that you understand the vehicle service contract will not cover any pre-existing conditions. We may be able to offer you coverage for future breakdowns but any problem your vehicle has before you purchase a service contract, even if it’s a minor problem, will not be paid for under the coverage we provide you with.

    16. I still have coverage left, why should I buy now?

    If you have coverage now that means you are used to the peace of mind of being protected from unexpected repair bills, why would you want to lose that peace of mind as your vehicle gets older and higher mileage? This is why it only makes sense to get additional coverage before you current plan expires. You are much more likely to breakdown when your car is older, that’s when you need protection the most. Plus Keystone offers a low risk discount for vehicles that are already protected which means you will save hundreds of dollars by purchasing while you’re still covered by your current plan.

    17. Can I call back and purchase the coverage later on?

    Yes, unlike a lot of our competitors we want to help you get your vehicle protected anytime whether it’s when you initially call or after you've already received a quote. However in order to protect our providers from customers calling back after their vehicle has already broken down we do require an inspection on your vehicle when you call back before we can issue you coverage. The inspection can be performed by any licensed mechanic simply download the inspection sheet here: Inspection Sheet .

    18. How do I get started?

    Our specialists are standing by simply call 1-877-940-9786 or submit a request through the site and we will contact you right away. Have your Vehicle Identificatoin Number (VIN) and exact mileage ready. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover for your convenience.

    Where can I get more information about warranties?

    Go to Warranty Informer for more warranty information.

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