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  • SunPath

    Your vehicle is an essential investment that is relied on for daily use. When your vehicle breaks down it seems to bring life to a standstill. By handling each claim with the utmost care, compassion and professionalism, SunPath gets you back on the road and back to your daily routine. With excellent coverage programs and our qualified employees SunPath provides service that gives customers confidence and satisfaction. We value knowing that our customers are being cared for and that they have superior protection in which they can rely on.

    SunPath Plans:

    • SunPath Horizon Diamond
    • SunPath Secure Advantage Platinum
    • SunPath Secure Advantage Gold
    • SunPath Secure Advantage Silver
    • SunPath Secure Advantage Bronze
    • SunPath Secure Advantage Mileage Plus


  • Enterprise Financial Group

    Put simply, TechChoice is a protection plan for the most important piece of technology in your everyday life – your car. Your vehicle is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Drivers today are keeping their vehicles longer and driving them further than ever before. Next to your home, your vehicle is probably your second largest investment.

    Enterprise Financial Group Plans:

    • EFG Ultimate
    • EFG Prestige
    • EFG Advantage


  • American Auto Shield

    American Auto Shield recognizes the importance of providing viable vehicle protection programs that are rock solid and backed by impeccable insurers. With the help of our clients, a full line of insured programs and services has been developed to meet the requirements of those markets and the needs of our clients. Click on the links below to view samples of each of our programs.

    American Auto Shield Plans:

    • AAS Diamond
    • AAS Platinum
    • AAS Deluxe
    • AAS Powertrain Gold
    • AAS Powertrain


  • Royal Administration

    Royal Administration stands behind the most dependable automotive service plans in the business. Royal offers a range of automotive service plans for new and used vehicles that provide exceptional protection against repair costs. Royal’s plans are backed by more than 50 years of dependability and customer satisfaction. They stand behind their contracts with world-class customer service and claims administration. They have plans to fit most every vehicle and consumer budget. Call Keystone today and put Royal service plans to work for you.

    Royal Plans:

    • Royal IAP
    • Royal PVP
    • Royal Select


  • Interstate

    Interstate has built an extensive administrative infrastructure. Using our well-trained, friendly telephone support staff, consumers will find that answers to all of their questions are literally right at their fingertips. Our breakthrough processes dramatically speed and improve customer activation, claim processing and claim payment. Our internal technical staff has the proven expertise to rapidly assess problems and suggest repair locations. At Interstate, we provide outstanding customer service that inspires peace of mind with our clients.

    Interstate Plans:

    • Interstate Diamond
    • Interstate Platinum
    • Interstate Gold
    • Interstate Direct Supreme
    • Interstate Direct Custom


  • Omega Auto Care

    Omega Auto Care pays the bill when your vehicle’s covered parts and systems break down. Keeping your car beyond its factory warranty makes a lot of sense these days, as long as your car payments are not just replaced by expensive repair bills. That’s where Omega Auto Care comes in. We pick up where your factory warranty leaves off, by contracting to pay for the repair bills outlined in the coverage level you select.

    You already have insurance if someone or something damages your car. Omega is insurance for when your car succumbs to damages from mechanical failure. It’s important. It’s dependable. It’s peace of mind!

    Omega Auto Care Plans:

    • Omega New Exclusionary
    • Omega Used Stated Coverage
    • Omega Powertrain Protection


  • Your Vehicle.

    Has your vehicle’s factory warranty expired or is it about to expire? Did you know the average hourly rate in the U.S. to repair your vehicle is $105 per hour? Did you know your mechanic may charge a diagnostic fee in addition to the parts? The average repair bill today is $1200.

    A vehicle service contract from Key Vehicle Division can protect one of your biggest investments from auto repair costs that are getting higher every day.

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  • Our Solutions.

    With most family budgets being stretched further and further, the last thing any family needs is an unexpected auto repair!

    Key Vehicle Division can help.

    We specialize in protecting your budget from costly repairs to your car, truck, or SUV through our affordable vehicle protection plans. So stop pushing it, protect it!

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  • Our Services.

    Key Vehicle Division offers a variety of plans, including some that may be similar to your vehicle’s original factory warranty. Keystone may be able to provide you with coverage that is similar to the warranty your vehicle had when it was new.

    Key Vehicle Division offers coverage that will provide peace of mind. Many Key Vehicle Division products are fully insured by a U.S. based AM Best rated “A” insurer.

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